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菅野由美子 Sugano Yumiko  日本   b.1960

『容器有中空的空間,所以才被稱之為容器。它們之所以被欣賞,是因為它們中心所能容納的空間,空的容器是沒有完整內容的。也許就是這樣的不完整造就了容器的特性。也正因為這樣寧靜中空的空間吸引了我,我希望我的作品一如這些容器,提供觀者這樣寧靜的一方小天地,儲存他們內心所珍藏的情緒。』  ~菅野由美子 2011

“A container contains a hollow, therefore it is a container. Only if it is appreciated as a container when something fills its hollow, an empty container is incomplete inherently. Perhaps the incompleteness is the character of the container. Occasionally signs of people who handle the container can be sensed around it and make me vaguely feel unsettled; however, the silent hollow, which simply exposes its emptiness before my eyes, still attracts me.Therefore, these paintings alike are responsible for the incompleteness or the absentness of containers. I wish my paintings to contain quiet hollows in which viewers could store something precious.”

~SUGANO Yumiko 2011

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