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菅野由美子  SUGANO Yumiko| 2018.11.3 ~ 12.2

  • 展覽開幕:2018.11.3  3-6pm  *藝術家將會出席 The artist will be present 


菅野女士是一位喜歡收藏容器的藝術家,她在千葉的工作室裡,擺滿了玲琅滿目的日本陶瓷,有些因為地震破裂,有些則因為被她隨意放置在地面上而逃過一劫,有些經過日本匠師的巧手被美麗地修復了,一如人生的尋常百態。就像日本美學裡的’侘寂’(Wabi-sabi),急速綻放又飄落的櫻花,有形的事物終將趨於短暫而失去形式的不完美,但藝術家在意的,是這些容器所能盛載的空間,她所喜歡的,是這些器皿彼此之間所能共譜出的故事,即便它們彼此看起來沒有任何相互連結。就像《小王子》一書裡狐狸跟小王子說的:是因為你耗費在玫瑰花身上的時間,使得你的玫瑰花如此重要(It is the time you wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important)。她珍惜這些容器與她所共度的時空,在這寧靜的空間之外,存在著一個不同的世界,等著被用心去發現。

Ms Sugano has many containers in the studio of her home in Chiba, leaving some of them on the floor untidily, and many of them stayed intact at the time of the earthquake last year. Still more than a few of them were flawed, and some shattered into fragments. Now, some of those had to be discarded, and some have been beautifully repaired with Japanese lacquer and gold. And, some of those are left flawed. It too seems as if they are humans.

Like the falling cherry blossoms, Japanese has the Wabi-sabi culture of tea utensils which symbolizes the concept of impermanence signifying that things will eventually lose forms. Ms Sugano particularly hold Japanese containers dear these days. The deep and quiet hollow, beyond that may be a different world yet to be seen waiting for you, and this thought makes her excited. The world is filled with side stories that seem to be useless and meaningless. However, even though they look so different and unrelated to each other, everything is quietly and secretly linked in a surprising way.

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