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Hang  香港   b.1991




Hang, born in 1991, graduated fromThe Chinese University of Hong Kong with Master of Architecture. She practiced as an architect for several years, before getting into the art world, which creates a nurtured doorway for deeper understanding together with emotional bonding towards the built environment of her hometown, and has later on transformed into the recurring motif throughout her artworks.


Hang’s works are reflections of her psyche, power and constant struggle against the mundane world. She has been constantly exploring the paradoxical manifesto, the contradiction of two extreme emotions with everyday life. Her work depicts a crying protagonist with tears overflowing the entire painting. With her vibrant colour palette celebrates the aesthetic characteristics of cityscape, meanwhile experiences conflicting emotions and dissenting view against the material world as empty and spiritless. The cute and animal-like protagonist speaks to invite audience to live consciously with simple spirit in the metropolis.

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