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Jose solo EDM_1050x520px.png

城市冥想 Urban Meditation by Jose Conceptes| 2019.4.13 ~ 5.11​

  • 開幕酒會:2019.4.13  2-5pm




Urban Meditations lies at the boundary between the heaviness of the concrete and steel structures on one side, and on the other a powerful lightness emanating from the purified and aerial shapes. In those photos, the focus is not on the subject itself but rather on the ambiance. They diffuse an intriguing poetry, a form of meditation and calm that invites the viewer to look at the world with no filters. Each piece allows us to extend imagination and a form a personal reflection from the work. By integrating sparse elements of nature, Urban Meditations invites us to look at nature the way we look at architecture. The clouds and the horizon seem to follow the lines and shadows drawn by the skyscrapers, until both worlds melt completely. Ultimately, the human figure used as a scale as well as the rawness of the surrounding setting gives a strong abstract character to the photos, leaving the viewer with a pleasing vertigo.

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