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維斯科・基洛夫個展 Vasco Kirov Solo Exhibition| 2017.9.8 ~ 10.15

  • 開幕酒會:2017.9.16  4pm


維斯科的創作以充滿活⼒的⾊彩和豐富的質感著稱。本次展出的寶石系列作品,共計十二件,完整包含他投身於珠寶工作中,天天與寶石為伍的特殊情感。“地球孕育寶石的條件是很極端的,高度的壓力與溫度,經過漫長時間的等待,造就了這些集中能量的芯。這些芯被火淨化、被壓力強化、當光線被加進之中,寶石誕生了。我希望能貼近捕捉大自然創造它們的方式。”  藝術家透由這系列作品,傳達他對於寶石形成過程中的和諧與無限想像。在絢爛的珠寶設計背後,我們難得有機會體會到設計師與寶石獨特的情感交流。

Earth gives birth to the gemstones in extreme conditions. Extreme pressure and temperature, over extreme period of time create cores of concentrated energy. These are purified by fire, hardened by pressure and once light is added to the equation, they come alive. The “Gemstones” collection of paintings captures the way I imagine this creation to come about. In the paint application techniques, I aimed to emulate the effortless way nature created them: with bold strokes, creating harmony of light and colour, within the chaos of formlessness. 

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