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非・光畫-當代攝影展 Neo-Photography| 2018.1.13 ~ 2.10

策展人:林子銘  異角藝術  執行長



In comparison with the history of painting which is more than a thousand years old , the history of photography is rather young as it only started in 1839. However, the function of photography in the construction, preservation, and transmission of history rapidly became unquestioned and essential. Yet, the public debate rather focused on whether or not we could encompass the functionality of photography, and consider its potential artistic value. Nowadays, with the ongoing technological progresses, photography has evolved from negatives to digital. The advent of science and technology triggered a profound transformation of photography, whose scope is now no more limited to the preservation of photogenic information. It involves a spatial performance and an aesthetic virtue ; photography became another medium to experience beauty. The four photographers invited for this exhibition are all about the artistic value of contemporary photography. Ultra-disc media, light, shadow, space, time, photography is no longer just a simple image, but a new world exploring the possibilities of graphic art.

陳志駒 Zeno Chen  (b. 1962, 台灣 Taiwan)
吳政璋 Wu Cheng-Chang  (b. 1965, 台灣 Taiwan)
​李正樂 Lee Jeonglok​  (b. 1971, 韓國 South Korea)
Lee Jeonglok

Nabi 12 2015 C-Type Print Edition 2/7 120 x 160 cm (47 x63 cm)

Lee Jeonglok

Tree of Life in Island 5-4-10 2013 C-Type Print Edition 2/10 120 x 95 cm (47 x 37.5 in)

Lee Jeonglok

Nabi 05 2015 C-Type Print Edition 1/10 90 x 120 cm (35.5 x 47 in)

Jeff Robb 傑夫・羅伯  (b.1965, 英國 UK)  
Jeff Robb

New Wave 2014 Lenticular Photograph Edition 1/6 150 x 100 cm (59 x 39 in)

Jeff Robb

The Witan (Triptych) 2014 Lenticular Photograph Edition 1/3 140 x 100 cm (55 x 39 in) each

Jeff Robb

The Elements 2014 Lenticular Photograph Edition 1/6 150 x 100 cm (59 x 39 in)

Jeff Robb

The Revenant 2014 Lenticular Photograph Edition1/6 150 x 100 cm (59 x 39 in)

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